10 habits you should add to your morning routine.


10 habits you should add to your morning routine

Morning is the most important part of our daily life. The end of anything can be ascertained from how it started. That’s why we say “first impression is the last impression”. So if the day starts well then the whole day will be well. But the question is “ How would this start the day well”? If you are also thinking that, Then don’t worry here I am getting 10 habits you should add to your morning routine. It will help you to make your morning good.

Just believe me guys, it will definitely work, and the 10th point is most important. So without wasting your time, let’s get started.

10 habits you should add to your morning routine.

  • Wash your face
  • Make your bed
  • Drink water
  • Take a cup of tea
  • Read newspaper
  • Write something creative
  • Organize your whole day’s schedule
  • Do something physical exercise
  • Take your breakfast
  • Silence

Wash your face

Lots of people doing what! They wake up early but do not leave bed for 1 hour. They normally lay down on the bed for 1 hour. Now, what did they do? They are wasting their 1st hour of the day. So when you wake up just avoid sleepiness and wash your face. By this, you can utilize your all time.

The second thing is skin-care. Our skin auto-repair itself at night. So that the dust which our skin is observed at day time and the extra oil which we have in our skin cell removed by our skin at night. There also some unwanted bacteria produce on our upper layer skin. So to avoid all these things you just simply wash your face gently with fresh water and wipe it up with a clean towel.

10 habits you should add to your morning routine

Make your bed

I think lots of bachelors and boys do this. they don’t make their bed in the morning. How much time it will take to make your bed? Ok, I think it will take between 2-5 minutes. But that much time people also don’t have. They leave the messy bed for the whole day. That is a bad habit and that is put negative effects. But when you make your bed every morning, it is a small way by you feel good. When you came back home after completing a busy day, you will get a clean and hygienic bed to sleep and psychologically it will give you positive vibes. It is a very small task but it gives us a disciplined lifestyle. We should always keep clean to our bed or rest place where we actually went to relax.

Drinking water

How many people are drinking water after waking up? I think much less. But there is a scientific reason behind drinking water. Can you tell me in the daytime how many times you take water? I think it would be every 3-4 hours interval of time. But at night time, you are not taking water approximately for 8 hours. So your body’s hydration process getting slow. But a glass of water in the morning can make your body’s hydration process better. It will keep you fit and fresh not only physically but also mentally. Some health-conscious people keep water next to their beds. That’s also a good habit. But making a habit to drink water in the morning is a very good thing.

10 habits you should add to your morning routine

Take a cup of tea

When you woke up you look sleepy and dull. A cup of tea will trigger your brain and body. Tea makes you quickly active. If you are not having tea you can take lukewarm water as a better replacement.

Read newspaper

Reading the newspaper is a very good habit. You can improve your mental health power by reading the newspaper every day. The newspaper keeps you updated and improves your knowledge. So by adding newspaper reading to your morning routine, you can be started to live a disciplined lifestyle. You don’t need to give any special time to read the newspaper. You can make it at the same time as drinking water and tea.

Write something creative

In the morning time, your brain will be in a relaxed and calm state. At this time, the brain can create new ideas, take difficult decisions, and think creatively. So in the morning, you can write new ideas or creative thoughts for future reference and use.

10 habits you should add to your morning routine

Organize your whole day’s schedule

Lots of people live disorganized daily life. And I think everyone should live an organized lifestyle. Because of this organized daily life they can calculate how much they get and how much they lose. By organizing your daily life schedule you can improve your lifestyle, can improve your strengths and achievements. Organizing your whole day schedule is also a good habit of a disciplined lifestyle.

Do something physical exercise

Doing physical exercise is a very good habit. It keeps your the whole day physically fit and fresh. Physical exercise means not going to any Gym and doing hard work on your body. Physical exercise means do something physical movements like jogging, skipping, cycling, also some warm-up jumping, etc.

Take your breakfast

The time duration between your last day dinner and current day breakfast is approximately 10 hours. In these 10 hours, you are eating nothing. your digestive system digests your dinner in 4-5 hours and rests 5 hours these are nothing to digest because of an empty stomach. So that to give the right nutrition to your body, you have to eat healthy food for your breakfast. Adding this habit of taking a healthy breakfast keeps you healthy and fit in your daily life.


This is the most important thing which you should apply to your morning habits. Silence is the most impactful and affecting habit. I think all of you knew that “As it begins, the whole day is spent in the same way”. If you start your day with anger and frustration, then the whole day of your will be smashed up. So calm and silent is the best way to start your day. By doing the above morning routine activities you should be completed them calmly and silently.

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