A King should be like… A short Inspirational story


A King should be like... A short Inspirational story


This is the story about 500 years before. India was called “The Golden Bird“, because of its people living style. At that time, there was no poverty in India, so they lived happily. Behind this happiness, the main reason was Raja Pratap Singh Deo. And he was the successor of the “Magadha” Empire. which was covering moreover India.

Everything was going well, but as you all know life circle will never be stable. At that time a Mughal emperor named “Bahadur Shah” was accruing all the neighboring states of his empire. And then Bahadur Shah’s eyes fall on Magadha, “The Golden Bird”. When he saw the beauty of Magadha, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He was very much impressed and dreamed to accrue Magadha.


Then Bahadur Shah Sent a royal treaty notice to Raja Pratap Singh Deo, to surrender his empire. And threatened him, “if he will not surrender his empire, Bahadur Shah will destroy “Rajagriha” ( The capital of Magadha)”. But Raja Pratap Singh Deo was a brave king. He respectfully replied, “If your king wants war, then ok, It will. But Magadha will never surrender.”

After getting the reply from Raja Pratap Singh Deo, Bahadur Shah prepared for war. But this time Bahadur Shah made a big mistake. Because he was addicted to winning, he attacked Magadha without knowing Magadha’s power. Magadha had a big army with skilled soldiers compared to Mughal soldiers. So that Bahadur Shah was severely defeated by Raja Pratap Singh Deo.


But Raja Pratap Singh Deo was a very humble and soft-hearted king. He didn’t take any action against Bahadur Shah. He only ordered him and his army to clear their land. But Bahadur Shah couldn’t bear this humiliation. He was feeling suffocating from inside. He knew that he could never defeat Raja Pratap Singh Deo by war. So he started thinking in different ways.

Time passed, but Bahadur Shah couldn’t forget his defeat. All his focus was only on Raja Pratap Singh Deo. So over time His ruling power also started weakening. When the enemy kings from whom Bahadur Shah accrued their throne got the news, they started gathering and planned to attack together.

But Bahadur Shah didn’t know before anything about this war plan. So suddenly the enemy kings attacked Bahadur Shah. But Bahadur Shah and his army were not prepared for it. That’s why they couldn’t stop them. But somehow Bahadur Shah escaped and he started running for his life.

Then he reached Magadha and begged for refuge from Raja Pratap Singh Deo. As you all know Raja Pratap Singh was a very humble and soft-hearted King. He allowed Bahadur Shah to his kingdom. Bahadur Shah went inside and took a sigh of relief for his life.


But he was still not calm and moved restlessly. But this time not to defeat Raja Pratap Singh Deo, rather there are some questions in his mind. which were being disturbed him from inside. He couldn’t control himself so he walked to Raja Pratap Singh Deo to get the answer to his question. He Reached out to Pratap Singh Deo and asked him

Bahadur Shah: Why should you save me? when I am your enemy.

Raja Pratap Singh Deo smiled and was quiet for a while.

Raja Pratap Singh Deo: First of all you are a human, then after you are my enemy. So which one should I follow first? And if someone comes to us with any hope then it’s our duty to help him.

Bahadur Shah: But how do you always stay so calm?

Raja Pratap Singh Deo: You are angry about what you lost. But you didn’t realize what you had. You had your kingdom, your army, your people. But you didn’t pay attention to them. The rule of war is ” If someone wins then another one loses”.But getting angry over a defeat doesn’t suit a good king.

Then Bahadur Shah realize his mistake and he was ashamed of that. Then he quietly left From Raja Pratap Singh Deo. After some days when the situation calmed down, Bahadur Shah decided to leave. Raja Pratap Singh Deo gave respect to Bahadur Shah’s decision and prepared for his departure. While leaving Bahadur shah said, ” A king should be like you”. After that Bahadur Shah went out to find the answer to some more questions of his life.


Sometimes you will lose something and sometimes you will get something so accept every part and every moment of your life. life will be easy.

King should be like… A short inspirational story.


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