Albert Einstein life story


Hello friends you are here to know about Albert Einstein’s life story, What Albert Einstein life story? Albert Einstein’s childhood, Albert Einstein’s struggle, Albert Einstein’s achievements.

Albert Einstein life

Albert Einstein was the most genius scientist in the world. His inventions were the most popular in the 20th century. Due to his invention, he found lots of facts on space, time, gravity, etc. He always says that he had not any special qualities, He is just a normal person who has lots of curiosity. But you will be surprised to know that he was not that much talented in childhood. “Isn’t it strange?” In the year 1999 Times newspaper listed the top 100 influence person of 20th century, And Albert Einstein was the person of the century. But this is nothing, There are many things to know about Einstein.

Albert Einstein life During His Birth

Albert Einstein was born on 14th March 1879 at Ulm, Germany. His father’s name was Harmann Einstein and he was an Electrician and a salesperson. his mother’s name was Pauline Einstein. At the time of his birth, he was looking different. Because his head was a little bit bigger than other newborn babies. but it got normal with time.

in his childhood

In 1880 when Einstein’s family moved to Munich, Which is 160km far from Ulm. In Munich, his father Hermann Einstein, And his uncle Jakob Einstein started a company for producing electrical equipment. when Albert was 2 years old, his mother gave birth to a daughter named Maja. Time passed, Then his parents noticed that he could not speak. Still, at the age of 4 years, he could not speak. One day at the dinner table  Albert Einstein speaks for the first time that “The soup is too hot”. His parents got surprised and they were very happy for their son.

Albert told his father that he will never join the army force. Because Albert thinks they live is like a machine. Their life is full of violence. Albert hate violence and war. Albert also didn’t like to play with other children. He created his own world. he always sat alone and think about nature and the universe. He had an interest in science and mathematics. On his 5th birthday, his father gave him a magnetic compass. He was very happy. But when the compass’s point always pointed to the north side, a question arose in his mind that how and why does it happen.

Albert’s mother wanted him to learned music because music makes you relax and free from tension, So his mother teaches him to play the violin. He also learns it in school. At first, he did not like to play the violin. Even he threw a chair to his music teacher. But later, he liked to play the violin. His violin name was Lina. then he wrote and sang some songs.

roblems in school life

At the age of 8, he gets admission to Luitpold Gymnasium School. which is now known as Albert Einstein Gymnasium school. He late started school because he facing problems speaking. When he was in the classroom, he felt like jail. Because the school teachers were focused to memorisation not for understanding. So he thinks, the lesson taught in school that is incomplete. He used to ask a lot of questions to his teachers. The teacher getting frosted and they were thinking that he is a mentally retired child.

One day he asked his teacher “how can I develop my mind?” The teacher reply to him in one sentence that “Practice is key to success”. Then he take a strong decision that one day he will prove himself. In spite of not wishing to read, he always sat with a book. After a few days, he could see the improvisation by practicing. The teachers were stunned after seeing his improvement.

in student

He was a Jewish, And lots of students were Israeli. So he faces many problems for his religion. At that time he makes a new friend named Max Talmey. He was also a Jewish and elder then Albert. He was a medical science student and he gave tuition to Albert. Albert had more interest in mathematics and science. At the age of 12, Albert completed the Geometry textbook during the time of summer vacation. He also finds the original Pythagorean theory original prove. Albert thinks nature can be understood by the mathematical structure. He learned calculus at 14 years of age.

A German Philosopher Immanuel Kant wrote a book named Critique Of Pure Reason. On which he explains Meta Physics limits and scores. Albert read it and understand it at the age of 13. He spends lots of time with his uncle, who was an engineer. Albert feels better with him. Albert had an interest in mathematics just because of his uncle. His uncle explains him Algebra in a very easy way.

Albert’s father and uncle were facing big losses in their business. Then they closed their company and went to Milan, Italy to find a new source of income. After some months they shifted to Pavia, Italy.  But Albert had to stay in Munich to complete his study. Because Luitpold Gymnasium school was one of the best schools to take admission into a good university. After getting separated from his family, he used to be sad. He didn’t like that school but his father wants to make him an electrical engineer. But he came out to his family by the excuse of health issues. He had a good time in Italy because there were museums, learned boat riding, climb mount.

Albert Einstein after school life

In 1894 at the age of 15, he wrote an essay which name was ” On The Investigation Of the State Aether In Magnetic Fields” He send the essay to his uncle with a letter. He makes lots of experiments. He thought to catch the sun’s light. Then he discovers the Relativity Theory.

In 1896 he renounced his German citizenship in the  German kingdom of Wurttemberg to avoid military service. In September  1896 he complete his secondary study with good grades. Then he takes admission in Zurich polytechnic.

In 1900 Albert completed the “Federal Polytechnic Teaching Diploma“, And he also publishes a research paper ” Conclusions Drawn From The Phenomena Of Capillarity“. After complete his diploma he thought that now he can teach someone but not like other teachers who force to memorize. But where ever he went for teaching they became afraid because of his outstanding knowledge. So he didn’t get any teaching job.


In 1901 Albert got Swiss citizenship. In 1902 at the age of 23, he got a job of Assistant Examiner level III in Swiss Federal Institute Of Intellectual Property. By doing this job Albert got lots of time for his research and publish. That jo was perfect for him because he had worked only for a few hours. He worked well so he got permanent. Due to his hard work, he finished his doctorate while working here.

In 1905 Albert Einstein introduces E=mc^2. Since 1908 he became more popular so he got an offer for a lecture at the University of Bern. He stays there since 1909, Then he went to Zurich and joined the University of Zurich as a professor. In 1911 he went to Prague and joined Charles Ferdinand University as a professor. After 1 year he returned to Zurich, Then after 2 years in April 1914, he went to Berlin with his family.


During the time of Albert’s study at Zurich polytechnic, he mates MilevaMaric. She was an intelligent student. she was the secret woman behind Albert’s success. She helps Albert with his research. Then they fall in love with each other and got married in 1903 in Bern Switzerland. In 1904 Mileva gave birth to a baby boy. His name was Hans Einstein.

In 1910 he became the father of his 2nd son named Eduard  Einstein. For some personal problem, Albert Einstein and his wife Broke apart from each other in 1914. After 5 years in 1919, they take divorce. Then after Divorce Albert Einstein married for 2nd time with his cousin sister Elsa.

Nobel Prize

In 1921 at the age of 42, Albert Einstein was awarded by Nobel prize in Physics for his services to theoretical physics and especially for his discovery of the law of photoelectric. He gave all the Nobel prize money to his first wife for the upbringing of his two sons. Albert Einstein went to New York, America to give a lecture at Columbia And Princeton University in 1921. In1930 he came to America 2nd time to California Institute of  Technology as a research fellow.

life in America

In 1933 Adolf Hitler became more powerful in Germany. He raids two-time at Albert Einstein Berlin apartment Due to his religion. They announced prize money $5000 on Albert Einstein. At that time America offered him to come to their country. So he shifted to America permanently.

Then he joined Princeton University to make his own research. When Albert Einstein reached University he was asked for the list of his wanted equipment so that they could avail for him. Then Albert Einstein politely replies ” you just give me a blackboard, some chalk, some paper,  pencils. He also demands a little basket because Albert Einstein makes lots of mistakes and he used the basket for keeping rejected unwanted papers. Albert Einstein never afraid to make mistakes, rather he told “The one who afraid make mistakes, he never tries to make something new”. He used to experiment in different ways and expecting new results every time.

memory power

Albert Einstein’s memory power was not that much good. He was facing difficulties with memorized names, dates, numbers. When one of his colleagues asked him for his contact number, He was finding his number from the telephone directories book. When he asked him “you didn’t remember your phone number”? Then he replied, ” Why should I memories that, which I can find easily from the book”. one day when Albert Einstein was returning home from the university by taxi, he forgets his house address. Then he asked the taxi driver “ Do you know Albert Einstein address”? In Princeton, everyone knows Albert Einstein’s address. But the taxi driver did not know that he is Albert Einstein. Then the taxi driver replied, “yes sir, if you want I can kate you there”. Then the driver drops him at the right address.

Once Albert Einstein makes a journey by train. When the ticket checker came and asked him for the ticket, He was searching for his ticket everywhere. The ticket checker knew him, so he said ” it’s OK sir, I am sure you definitely take your ticket”. By saying this The ticket checker moved forward and check other’s tickets. When the ticket checker looked back he still searching his ticket. Then the ticket checker came back and told: “relax sir no one will ask you for the ticket”. Then Albert Einstein replied, “I am not worried about that”. But if I would not find my ticket, how can I know where I was going.”

After Death

On 18 April 1995 at the age of 76 at Princeton, New Jersey, US, he left us. After his death, A doctor namedDr.Thomosremoved Albert Einstein’s brain for research without any permission. Then after 20 years with the permission of Albert Einstein’s son Hans Einstein his brain divided into 200 parts and distribute by many researchers in the world. They found, there were more cells in Albert Einstein’s brain than a normal brain.

Albert Einstein wrote lots of books and papers. He also gave more than 300 science-based and about 150 Nonscience based papers. Now we use satellite, the internet is just because of Albert Einstein. Now scientist follows Albert Einstein theories. But Albert Einstein felt bad when using his theory para Manu bomb was invented. And it destroys Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He was one of the most genius people in the world. He could plan his whole research by using his mind. Which is more accurate than the lab experiments. So his birthday 14 march we celebrate as the Genius day

Albert Einstein Awards

1920- Barnard medal for meritorious service to science.

1921- Nobel prize in Physics

1921-Matteucci medal

1925-Copley medal

1926-Gold medal of the Royal Astronomical Society.

1929-Max Planck medal

1935-Franklin medal


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