Stop doing

 In our daily life, we do lots more things that we should not do. After doing we realized that we did wrong. Or in our daily life, we do lots more things that hurt someone. Or we do some things which put us in trouble in the future. Basically, This is the problem of teenagers …

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Belief in Yourself

In our daily life there is Insufficient self confidence to face any problems. By which we could not reach to the success. So lets Discuss how to gain Self confidence? What Is a Belief? In our life, we face lots of problems. Some as small and some of them are a little complicated from them …

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What is attention and How it effect on our life? attention Attention is just our mental alertness. You can pay attention to someone or you can withdraw it. It is an act of mind and it purely depends upon your wakefulness. We give more wakefulness to that work which we like more. For example, as …

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