The importance of time in our life

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Time! Time is the most unstable and powerful thing in this world. We are now almost 8 billion people in this world. Time is playing different games with different people at a time. So we have to know about the importance of time in our life. Now you tell me, is there any existence that is greater than time? And do you know, what the funniest thing is? We still don’t know the importance of time in our life. We are spending time in wasting time. If you walk with time you can get more experience and develop your time over time. So without wasting time let’s get started with the importance of time in our life.

The importance of time in our life

What is time?

Time is familiar to everyone, but still, it is much more complicated to understand and define. But can simply understand that time is a continuous thing that moves at a constant speed. Time is that energy that keeps our past present and future in one parallel line. To which no one can stop, no one break, no one can change. Time is what you can’t change but that can change you.

Time also is the most mysterious thing in this world. Basically, time is a period from start to end. Suppose i baby is born and till his death is called his lifetime. Your office timing is from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm and that is your work time. Like our earth is created and it will be destroyed one day so can we say this is the period as earth’s time? On other hand take an example that doesn’t have any destruction. Then time does matter for that. “Absolutely not”. Then can we say that time is a period from the start to the end of a person or any work process?

The Importance of Time in our life

As we discussed that we are human and we have a certain period in our life. Our past, present, and future are directly connected to time. In our life, we divide all our time into small parts. We give a particular time period for a particular work. For example, we fixed from age 5-20 years this is our learning period. Then we divided these 15 years into 15 classes, which means one year for each class. Then we divided each year into daily schedules. That means we have to complete each work within a fixed time and it is only possible when we know the importance of time in our life.

We all are slaves of time. In this whole universe, everything is controlled by time. For example from sunrise to sunset, it is called day and from sunset to sunrise, it is called night. when the earth moves one round of its own axis, it is called one day and when the earth moves around the sun it is called one year. And we got some years in our life. Within this time we have to fulfill dreams, desires, and expectations. You better know the value of time when you could not get something for lack of time.

We should give importance to our time. We should manage it in a perfect way. If will gently manage your time then your life will go well. But lots of people couldn’t manage their time. They always make the same mistake and the mistake is “ they couldn’t complete their work within the allotted time period.

If you still couldn’t know the importance of time and want to know the real value of time,

Then ask the travelers who missed their flight just because of after being late by 5 minutes.

Ask the students when they fail an examination. They wasted their whole year.

Ask them who lost their loved ones due to not reaching the hospital on time.

Ask those aspirants who could not attend the interview due to late entry.

Ask that contractor who could not file his tender in time.

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The importance of time in our life

Why do we give value to time?

Time gives us chances to make ourselves and prove ourselves. With time many changes take place in our life. It depends upon us, on how we want to see our lives in the future time. We do our work today for tomorrow. Everybody, we have the same time in a day but it depends on us how we will utilize these 24 hours in our life and accordingly we will get the result in the future. So it is useful to know about the importance of time in our life.

  • Time is the only thing in your life that never come back. If you lose some of your money, you can earn again. If you are separated from any relationship also you can be back together. But if you lose some time from your life that will never come back.
  • We can use each and every moment of our life. We have to just take lessons from the past, work on the present and keep planning and preparing for the future.
  • Time s the source of our happiness. When we achieve something in time then we become happy.
  • Time makes everything perfect. If someone is new to something then that time he will not be good at that. But by time regular practicing he will be an expert on that. It is all about time.
  • There are ups and down in everyone’s life. Everyone can see good times and the wrong times in their life. We should respect both times because the wrong time makes us stronger and the good time makes us happy.
  • Time gives you the results of your hard work. If you are working on something, then won’t worry, time will definitely give you the result of your work. So just do hard work on your work and leave the results on time.
  • Nobody knows how much time they have. You can’t say how much more time you will live. Not only you, nobody can say. But you have today, just do whatever you want to do. But you have to make one promise to yourself that if you will live for the next 5 years or 10 years then you will be in that position.
  • Time can teach us the right lessons. In our life, we make lots of mistakes but initially, we couldn’t realize it. But time teaches us the right lessons by giving the result of that mistake.


Time is unstoppable. So you should aware of the importance of time in our life. You have to manage your time according to your work. You can pre-schedule your work and use your time in this way. But don’t forget that you have only limited time on your hand. If you learn how to manage your time then you can achieve anything in your life. Just keep in your mind that You can’t tired and you can’t rest, you don’t have more time to lose.

Work in time, Time will work for you.


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